About Us

Changing the way we think of food distribution

AgriGate launched in 2016 with a mission to transform the way Australian produce is distributed. Our patented technology has transformed the importing and exporting process across Australia and Asia, giving all parties a better deal.

This allows us to recreate prosperity throughout regional Australia; uplift struggling communities; and supply Asian countries with quality, high-grade Australian food on a greater scale – to provide lasting food security

How we promise to do it

We do this through our patented distribution system that cuts out the traditional middle-man systems that Australian farmers rely on. Our system increases productivity for local farmers, and ensures end-to-end tracking of the perishable products that we distribute.

There are four pillars of our business – RedTide, WhiteTide, AFX and Major Contracts. Together, they deliver maximum efficiency, constant innovation and continuous growth for the company.

Our mission

We are committed to improving the lives of others, from supporting local farmers and communities to importing quality Australian foods into Asian countries and improving food selection globally. We do this using our patented technology that will advance the importing and exporting process across Australia and Asia. 

We also aim to give back to society, striving to recreate prosperity throughout regional Australia and uplifting communities that have struggled. To find out more about our business, click below and reach out today.