Our Products

Sourcing Australia's finest produce and making them available to you.


AgriGate Australia is able to supply various types of beef products. We work with producers across Australia to source cattle that are reared to our standards. AgriGate currently supplies Angus and Wagyu beef at different grades. Contact our team for a discussion on your requirements and we may be able to help you.


We are able to supply a wide range of dairy products from Victoria such as bulk milk, bottled fresh milk, flavoured milk etc.

Fruit & Veg

AgriGate sources fresh fruit and vegetables from producers across Victoria and Queensland and works with packers to export produce across Australia. Reach out to us to see what products are in season!


AgriGate works with fishermen and processors in South Australia to source the highest quality seafood such as Prawns, Barramundi, King Fish. Reach out to us for a discussion on your requirements.