Our Business

Our system utilizes four key pillars to maximize innovation and transform Australian food distribution


RedTide is the pillar of our business that focuses on Australian beef. It is responsible for our vertically integrated supply chain and the export of beef to 7 Asian countries.


This pillar also deals with trade policies and agreements that work to ensure the success of our beef exporting supply chain. There is a huge demand for Australian beef in Asia, and RedTide is there to meet that demand.


WhiteTide is the pillar of our business that focuses on the export of Australian milk products. Our specialised AgriGate ISO tanker technology successfully extends the shelf-life of raw milk, which is suitable for transport by road, rail or sea.


Each of our tankers carries one farm’s produce, ensuring each vat is quality, un-mixed Australian milk upon importing.

Australian Food Exchange (AFX Platform)

The AFX platform is an e-commerce shopfront that helps deliver Australian produce straight to consumers’ doors, cutting out all the middlemen.

This user-friendly platform allows consumers to get access to fresher produce and support local farmers, while helping farmers access better prices for their produce.

Major Contracts

The major contracts pillar is responsible for arranging and securing long-term contracts throughout Australia. This pillar is the central hub of our other pillars, the foundation of our business and the way we seek to benefit all communities impacted by our business model.


This pillar has successfully negotiated in excess of $20 million per annum to export a range of Australian produce to Malaysia, South Korea and China.