What problems exist in Australian agriculture?

The commercialisation of farms throughout Australia has seen a nationwide exodus of generational farmers who can no longer keep up with larger-scale operations. This produces severe knock-on effects, shifting wealth away from regional communities in Australia and causing those towns to suffer. Small businesses such as pubs, retail shops and community sports teams shut down – leaving local cultures and economies weakened.

How are we solving them?

We work directly with Australian farmers, cutting out the middle man and supporting the communities that have been the backbone of Australia for generations. This allows us to:

Pay farmers prices akin or above market price – way better deals than they usually have access to.

Provide additional profit to Australian farmers who have struggled through fires, floods and intense competition, allowing them to reinvigorate their farms through technology.

Leverage our patented technologies to create greater efficiencies for farmers to distribute their foods without incurring significant additional cost.

How can I get involved?

We welcome anyone who is inspired by our mission. We are always looking for investors and farmers to help continue our expansion and support Australian regional communities.