What problems exist in Asia’s food markets?

There is an intense demand for high-quality food throughout Asia. Economies through Asia have boomed over the past few years, bringing with it great economic development and improvement. With Asian consumers set to double their spending on food in 2030 by more than $8 trillion, there is an intense demand for quality products from reputable sources. 

How are we solving them?

Australia is renowned for high quality produce. Everything from meat to grain in Australia is highly sought after globally. With the economic development and growth in Asia, these markets are primed to be the best receivers of our patented distribution system.

 Additionally, Australia is geographically poised to become the leading distributor of quality produce, being significantly closer to Asia than other countries who produce similar standards. 

Additionally, we’re:

The first company approved to export liquid raw milk to Asia.

Approved to re-export Australian beef from Singapore, by the Singapore government.

Awarded 15 Australian innovation patents designed to accelerate food exports to Asia.

A strategic partner with Singapore’s largest privately held supply chain and logistics provider.

Already in business, with multiple million-dollar contracts to supply premium beef to Asia already signed.

How can I get involved?

We’re looking for investors to help us grow and take advantage of the immense opportunity to distribute our quality produce throughout Asia. We’re growing on massive scale and are seeking investment to implement critical R&D projects, bring in additional expertise and personnel and to generally continue the rapid accelerated growth of the business. If you’re interested in hearing more, click below and reach out today.