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AgriGate at a glance

15 innovation Patents

We’ve been awarded 15 innovation Patents for our patented supply chain model designed to accelerate food export to Asia

120 million litres of raw milk

We’re the first Australian company to sign an MOU for the supply of 120 million litres of fresh raw milk sea freighted to Indonesia.

7 Asian countries

First to export our branded vertically integrated dairy & beef products across 7 Asian countries

100 sites over 16 countries

We have strategic partnerships that gives us access to a supply chain with 100 sites over 16 different countries with last mile delivery capability.

Interested in investing in AgriGate?

We’re continuously looking to expand the four pillars of our business, develop technology and to continue to disrupt the Australian food market. Not only will your support help us to grow, but it will also help support struggling rural & regional Australian communities and farmers.

We’ve made it our mission to cut out the middleman, support regional communities in Australia and deliver exported goods in conditions that surpass expectations. And with your involvement, we can continue to do this on scales never heard of before.

The four pillars of AgriGate

Our business is broken into four pillars, each with a central focus to maximise success. These pillars are:

WhiteTide, our pillar focusing on technology to export raw milk.

RedTide, our pillar focusing on beef exportation.

Australian Food Exchange (AFX), our easy to use e-commerce shopfront platform that helps Australian produce be delivered straight to consumers in Asia.

Major sales contracts, our pillar that focuses on securing long term contracts.