Our Team

Executive Team

Peter Askew

Executive Chairman and Managing Director

Peter Askew has been actively supporting the development and growth of Australian and international businesses for over 30 years. Benefiting from his successful implementation of international trade and investment programs globally, Peter has created an extensive network of partners across government and the private sector in Australia, Across Asia, the USA and the UK. Peter has a strong foundation of bringing people together to form successful partnerships and new business opportunities. These range from small business collaboration to joint ventures between multi-billion-dollar organisations. Peter has led the creation of many successful Australian and international projects and business opportunities across his career. Peter is proud of the consistent successful results generated by these projects. The long-term success of these projects is represented by the hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue directly generated for his clients over his career.

Originally from Benalla in regional Victoria, Peter has strong ties with Australia’s farming and rural communities. The disturbing multi-generational decline in the prosperity and population of many rural and regional communities across Australia has been the driver around the creation of his new business enterprise AgriGate.

Manu Sridhar

Head of Operations

Manu joined the AgriGate team in 2016 as a graduate from the Australian National University. Prior to his education in Canberra, he was involved in private equity as well as international trade for natural resources. Manu has lived in many regions in Asian including Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Manu speaks 5 different languages fluently.

As head of operations, Manu is instrumental in the continued success of AgriGate and has a hands-on approach for the complex logistics required to keep in front of the current expanding workload. Manu has also played a fundamental roll in securing the interest and support of many international corporations and Government agencies. Manu currently leads the team in areas of the export supply chain and ensures the current orders meet the strict and high quality Agrigate’s customers have come to expect. Sales & Marketing also fall under his hat, and he continues developing new supplier relationships with farmers and processors ensuring Australia’s great products get to the consumer.

Tracey Askew

HR Director

Tracey Anderson askew is a successful entrepreneur, currently operating a number of businesses both in Canberra and online, plus managing a commercial and residential property portfolio. Tracey has played an integral role in establishing aussie food to you as both a director and mentor to the team as human resource manager. with qualifications and a background in education for over 20 years, her focus is on assisting people to reach their full potential, working with clients to improve their health and personal wellbeing, as well as providing education across a number of different health-related areas. 

Raised in the major NSW regional centre of wagga wagga, Tracey’s family ties to agriculture and farming are extensive, and she shares her husband peter’s passion for helping Australian farmers realise improved opportunities and outcomes. Tracey has witnessed first-hand the devastation and loss experienced by many farmers around Australia, as domestic and international trade markets are dominated by the supply chain, leading to unfavourable market conditions for primary producers. as a business team, Tracey and peter are committed to creating positive change in the industry and leading the push to establish strong international markets for Australian farm produce.

Darren Askew

Livestock Advisor

Darren askew, AgriGate’s livestock trade expert, is an integral and valuable member of our team. he provides international importers with unrivalled access to the Australian sheep and cattle market, and outstanding experience in the development of international livestock markets and export expansion programs. with a broad range of formal qualifications in livestock sales, livestock assessment, wool preparation and measurement, dairy farming and rural real estate, Darren askew possesses an exceptional expertise in the livestock and farming industry. Darren brings with him an extensive, proven track record in international livestock procurement. currently working as a live export procurement contractor, Darren has consulted to both large and small-scale Australian export companies, including:

  1. Australian rural exports 
  2. Wellard export
  3. Landmark global exports
  4. Elders international 
  5. Basin exports, and
  6. Atlas exports.

Michael Lappen


Michael Lappen is a senior executive with 45 years’ experience in the it industry. during this time, he has worked for a number of leading information technology and telecommunications companies, including wang, Telstra, oracle, IBM, Microsoft, co-cam computer group, financial synergy, loop technology, ncr and Ford Motor company. 

He has operated at CEO level for much of this time and has participated in and chaired a number of boards. his experience has been gained from working in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA, and the Asia pacific. Michael is actively engaged by several private companies as a trusted advisor, providing business development support, strategy, and planning skills, and as an investor.